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The Voice & Songs of Abi Hercules

The Easy Tigers (My 2nd band)

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Singer/songwriter/mandolinista Abi Hercules, a she-feline Ben Harper taking r&b, country, and reggae on a walk through La Selva, started hearing things in her head during a season roaming South America.    

Besides the usual demonic voices, she was receiving a new acoustic music with a roomy space for her lithe, sinewy vocals, roofed over by bouzouki/dobro and her own chic mandolin; under her feet, earthy jazz doublebass and latin percussion; all framing her playfully emotive hooky/rootsy texasbarndance-meets-Squeeze tunes. 

Upon returning to London autumn 2004, she quickly recruited an elite squadron of perfidious rogues to help get the sounds out of her head, and with near-instantaneous chemistry formed The Easy Tigers. 

These included Londoners  veteran jazz doublebassist Chris Rodel; Nick Wright on acoustic guitar; Columbian percussionist Victor ‘Cabas’ Trivino; and Virginia (US) session multiinstrumentalist turned UK frog-botherer Mensch Of La Mantra on bouzouki and dobro.  Alchemical stage performances quickly followed at the legendary Troubadour and 12Bar Clubs in London, with a substantial critical updraft.

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HERCULES (My 1st band)