She is the best and perfect for my project.  Two thumbs up!!! Hong P (Producer)

Great to work with! Amazing voice. Erik U (Producer)

An amazing singer and very easy to work with! Mini F (Producer)

Abi is a terrific collaborator and a real talent. I truly enjoyed working with her and look forward to many projects in the future. Couldn't recommend her more. Arthur Pingrey (Producer)

So many things I can say about Abi! She is super kind, funny and really a hard worker. She came into my life with this amazing song back in November of 2017 and she was relentless to get it done. We went back to the drawing board a few times and finally came out with perfection! I really enjoyed her positive energy and willingness to listen as we were getting this done. I highly recommend her for her vocal ability and amazing penmanship in writing. Thank you for making a difference, Abi. Chris Adams (Producer)

Abi is the utter professional. Her voice is amazing and her turnaround time for getting the work done is super fast and perfect at the same time. I will be working with her again soon and encourage you to do the same. Luke S (Musician)

I asked Abi to help me in a revision of my lyrics and she was really helpful and professional! I really advice to work with her! Davide P (Singer/Songwriter)

Abi is a fantastic singer/songwriter with a very creative mind. In my recent project with her, she performed on the flute and created many optional ad libs and fills for me to play with. Most importantly, she worked very hard to ensure I was happy with all the parts that she worked on and was very patient with my tweaking. I highly recommend her. Keian B (Musician)

Abi did a beautiful job creating just the right sound for my song about child predators (not an easy subject). She created a finished product that needed some tweaking to get song timed correctly. She was able to accomplish everything to perfection. She has a lovely tone to her voice and is very talented. I highly recommend Abi for your project.  Linda K (Lyricist)

A highly professional singer, very easy to get along with and open to ideas. She said she really wanted to serve the song and make it the best it could be and that was just what I need. Abi has a fantastic voice. Highly recommended. Dylan Buckle (Musician)

Abi is a wonderfully talented singer and song writer. I really enjoyed working with her and I can't wait to do so again. She wrote and performed the title song for my film and was nominated for several awards. Georgia Slowe (Film maker)

Abi is an incredible songwriter who gave me creative freedom to do my thing. I really enjoyed working with her. Hakan Mavruk (Producer)

Abi is a wonderful songwriter you'll be humming her tunes after you hear them ! She's very adaptable and a very special creative force to be involved with ! She writes prolifically and her lyrics span a range of heartfelt to humorous. A great talent to have on board on any songwriting project.  Vanessa Widdup (Singer-songwriter & Teacher)

Abi is a very talented singer/songwriter who I had the pleasure of working with some years ago on her album "cycling in stilettos." I love her songs and have played them endlessly over time. She is an inspiration to many and I recommend her music to others who have not yet heard her. A fabulous artist.  Rebecca Carrington (Cellist and Cabaret Artiste)

Abi is such an amazing talent, and so professional. A joy to work with.  Arthur Pingrey (Producer)